Monday, July 8, 2013

Jesse's Fund Raiser

Thanks to everyone who is helping Hannah with her fund raiser!  To be fair to Jesse, I should also post him and his fund raising jobs.  :)  They are both going on our church's Youth Mission trip this month and are working to raise money to pay for their trip.  They'll be working with "Mission Joplin" to help with tornado cleanup from storms that hit a couple years ago.  They'll be doing anything from yard work to helping out in the food pantry, and sleeping on the floor of the sponsoring church.  So, this is not a pleasure trip, but rather a working trip!

If you live nearby me, Jesse will wash & vacuum your car for $25.  He does a great job!

Or, if you need your lawn mowed, he will mow your lawn for $25.  He does a great job with that, too!

To schedule his services, please contact me.

Thanks!  :)

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